Lord Dhanwanthri


It was unanswered questions which our ancestors gave answers & even today Ayurveda’s importance resurfaced when it gave treatment to many diseases untreated by the contemporary sciences.Kerala was always home to ayurveda & so has been our institution where we are presently the 5th generation promoting health through ayurveda.
Ayurveda literally means the "science of life". It is believed to be the Upaveda of Atharva Veda. It is studied under eight branches which includes general medicine to surgery and covers every aspect of etiology(hetu), symptamology(linga) and treatment(chikitsa/aushadha) for almost all diseases. Ayurveda was the first science to define health(swastha) as explicitly or even better than what WHO has been able to define it today.

According to ayurveda the body is said to be made of 3 doshas-Vata, Pitta & Kapha,7 dhatus & 3 malas which in equilibrium is indicative of health. But a person is considered healthy(swastha) only when,along with the above mentioned factors his Agni(digestive fire), Manas(mind) and indriyas (sense organs) are also in normalcy. Thus we consider the person as a whole and treat him as such to help the person attain the above said definition of health.

Amritha Kripa

Enriched by the invaluable knowledge in traditional medicine, this is the 5th generation of doctors who have qualified in the science of Ayurveda as practiced by our ancestors since hundreds of years. Amrithakripa is one of the institutions in Kerala wherein we practice authentic ayurvedic medicine .We are proud to tell you that we are the fifth generation of practicing physicians.


Dr.A.K.Sethumadhavan LIM (Grandson of Late.Chaathu vaidyar) established specialized IP wing which has now been taken over by Dr.S.Narayanan who is a vetran in this field.

Dr.A.K.Sethumadhavan was an institution in himself with determination, simplicity, and humility being his traits .He was the saviour for hundreds of patients during the typhoid epidemic when he rendered home service to patients who could not reach the hospital and was also a consulting physician to Kollengodu raja.


His son, Dr.S.Narayanan who is currently the chief physician of Amritha kripa, was under his guidance and has been practicing authentic ayurveda for past 30 years.He has passed BAM from Tiruvanathapuram Ayurvedic college.He is efficiently assisted by a team of doctors including his 2 sons; Dr.Gokul Narayanan BAMS , (PgD Panch) and Dr.Govind narayanan BAMS. Dr.Gokul passed out from SDM Ayurvedic college Hassan and specialised in Panchakarma and has been successfully practicing since six years. Dr.Govind graduated from SKAMC banglore and is now learning the skills under the masterly guidance of Dr.Narayanan.Our nursing staff, in house physiotherapist and well trained masseurs ensure that the treatment is fruitful, holistic & pleasant experience.

Amrita kripa is located in chittilamcherry A very beautiful village in palakkad,Kerala.Treatment for various diseases ranging from rheumatic ,arthritic disorders,paralysis,skin disorders,various neurological disorders etc are given under the supervision of chief physician Dr.S.Narayanan.

Our institution has I.P & O.P deparments,manufacturing unit, physiotherapy unit & specialized panchakarma theraters,all designed to ensure your comfort but still complying to parameters which help in delivering authentic ayurvedic treatment